Here is a great free online course on Product Listing Advertisements.

When you type an item like "Sports Coat" one section of Google as below will display sponsored section with images of sports coats with prices. So users can click on a link and go direct to the merchant. 

So this is about users searching for products and going direct to a product page, instead of searching for a merchant and then searching a merchant website for a product. 

You need to interact with Google Shopping via an API (Application Programming Interface. Nothing to scary, it simply means that Google has a format that it needs to receive data in, and in order do 

The technical challenges of this are that you need to produce a data feed of all the products you want to put on sale. In this feed you will need to include the data Google requires, in the format it requires it, along with media such as links to photos. This is a piece of work, we can help get staff or services required to do this for you.

Here is the course covering everything

Right now, my absolute favorite source of traffic for online merchants is Google Shopping (aka Product Listing Ads or PLAs). Google Shopping ads are displayed when a user searches for a product in Google. They appear along the top of or often in the upper right hand side of a search results page (see below). Shopping ads can also be found by clicking the “shopping” tab. What we really care about is the 1-8 shopping ads that appear on the Google search results page (see below) - that’s where the magic happens.  

1. Introduction: A Traffic Source that Lives up to the Hype 2 min
Google Product Listing Ads, also known as Google Shopping Ads are an amazing way to get your product image to show up in a Google Search.
2. What is Google Shopping and How Does it Work? 1 min
What is google shopping and how does google shopping work? The answers are simple and the setup process is fast!
3. Set Goals and Know the Competition 4 min
Google shopping keywords must be crafted with the buyer's intent in mind. PLA keywords, when done effectively generate powerful organic results.
4. Setting up Shop - Account Creation 5 min
The Google Merchant Center is where your setup beings. From Adwords to Analytics, your Google Merchant Account takes a few minutes to get setup.
5. Feed Mastery: It’s All in the Feed 12 min
Your Google Shopping Feed is an important consideration. The data feed, or Google product feed is what turns searchers into customers.
6. Bidding - The Ultimate X Factor 8 min
Adwords bidding is an art and science. There are numerous adwords bidding strategies out there but we've narrowed it down to help you get started.
7. Bidding - Reporting & Optimization 3 min
Once launched, Google Adwords optimization is the next step. Test, alter, improve and see the results roll in.
8. Ad Extensions and Other Extras 2 min
Ad extensions supercharge your product listings ads. For example, use Adwords Review extensions to include product ratings.
9. Conclusion 1 min

While getting the most from Google Shopping requires some time and attention to detail, it’s usually well worth the effort.

We can help with the data feed. 

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