Robert Peston's FB Post talks about the EU agreement being Canda+.

So if you set up a business exporting to the EU in a niche sector such as:

  • Dentist appliances to Sweden
  • Professional cookware to Germany
  • Medical devices to Greece
  • BMX parts to Italy
Then you had better hope that your business, as Peston says, is part of the EU access that is currently most valuable.

This implies quite logically, that prioritisation is going to take place within the Department for Brexit, for the EU trade deal. Like all negotiations, you prioritise what you need to keep and also what you are prepared to lose.

They can't possible look at the needs of all businesses across the UK in negotiations, so they will look at what is most important. Whilst they do that they will either accommodate, ignore or decide to trade-off those businesses of least importance (to the country, not the business owners).

So if your business niche is not showing up as a % of GDP, or doesn't have the lobbying power of multi-nationals, then the Department of Brexit may give your business one of these outcomes.
  • Your business needs are understood and protected (get lobbying now)
  • Your business needs are ignored as part of negotiations, which will give a random outcome, either positive or negative based on country level negotiation. For example due to NHS influences medical devices are not hit with tariffs, but this was nothing to do with your particular niche. It could equally have been negative based on what group your business was placed in.
  • Your business needs are understood, but they were then exchanged for an advantage to another industry. For example, to gain the NHS concessions on medical devices, cookware and BMX parts will be hit by tariffs.
When you set up your business, did you ever think that it would be a pawn in Inter-Government trade deal?

Or that your Government may sacrifice your business in order to gain advantage for another business sector?

Was Government not negotiating well on your business's behalf, a risk you perceived? 

Welcome to the Department of Brexit, deciding your business's future for you because Governments always do that better than businesses!

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