Here is a great free video course on Succeeding in Retail with this 11 video course. It covers all aspects of non-technical requirements for retail.

From a technical point of view, the most important question on your sales platform is will it allow me to sell across all channels, even ones I don't have today. 

Simply that means I can sell

  • in store
  • on a website
  • on Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest
  • on a mobile app
  • wholesale
And importantly all my sales channels are synchronised, for example, if I create a product description with price, photo/video, promotion and stock details. Then this should be available across all channels (if I want it to be) so. Then a business can sell wherever the customers are. 

Products like Shopify, allow retailers to sell on iPads in stores, on mobile and across any new internet channel you can think of. Choosing the right technology at the start will allow your business to grow in any directions your customer demand takes you.

I am currently looking for startup retailers who want help with technology to work with as a case study. Need help from £$£FRee? Get in touch.