Authorities take preemptive action on exam fraudAfter leak of a maths question on games site last year, authorities may use private dectives to search for keywords from the new exam paper to see if there as been any leak of questions before the baccalaureat exams.

Online card fraud grows in France
The total amount of online fraud in 2011 reached 413m Euro, 32m for travel, 21.4m for shopping and 2m for gaming. Bank fraud increased from 2011.The 3D security system in France uses a text message that is sent to the customer as the extra dimension.

Man posed as rescuer charged with fraud
A man who posed as a rescuer was charged with fraud.

In the aftermath of a cyclone, Berre introduced himself as a civil servant working for the Agriculture Ministry sent to organise rescue and the clean-up operations. 
Berre very quickly became the man in charge. He used forged documents to requisition firms, hotel rooms for firefighters. He reportedly sent rescue vehicles and all sorts of lorries for an estimated €70,000.
The court heard on Thursday that most state officials did not suspect Berre of being a fraud. During operations, he would transport them in his stolen car. The judge told the court that he had become "the head of the headquarters of the rescue operations".
At the trial, the prosecutor accused Berre of fraudulently organising rescue operations to "compensate for his narcissistic failures." 

Not all fraud is about funds, sometimes its about ego. 

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