When your site is down as next was this morning where will your customers get information? I wanted to find my local branch of Next this morning but their site  was down for orders which I could understand but not that I couldn't check my local branch opening hours isn't that something that could be displayed on the holding page? Then I googled Next store opening hours which showed me at one of their stores was open at 7am sadly this is not the case and I turned up early to find it did not open until 9am. It's something to think about thinks go wrong what information is shown to customers on 404 and holding pages? If you do not show something  then  may get incorrect information.
We may not want to think about when things go wrong  and always think of the "happy path" on e commerce website design but sometimes it's good to think of what happens when things go wrong, customers don't mind as long as there well informed. Do you know what happens on your 404 pages?

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