Faked Idiot TestsAs with other parts of the worlds, certification by the state for various reasons has been outsourced to the private sector which brings the risk of fraud. The maths are simple, if the person taking the test, pays more than the government for administrating the tests, then temptation is there. In this case "Idiot" (Medical Psychological Assessment) certificates to people who needed to be assessed after losing a licence due to drug or alcohol use. Things must be bad if you need to buy the results of an idiot test!

Phishing victims' losses are own fault - courtA phishing victim who gave 5,000 euro from his Sparda Bank account to a Greek account claimed the transaction was not executed by himself. However a top German court has ruled that the Bank was not liable as he ignored warnings on redemption fraud. This victim was not unusual as in 2010 the Federal Criminal Police Office of Germany received 5,300 reports of loses to phishing, a rise of 82% on the previous year.

German Authorities to sue Lying Dutchman
One of the strangest stories of 2012, was that of Van Helsum who showed up at Berlin's town hall last September claiming he was a 17-year-old called Ray, and had been living in the forest for the past five years with his father. His fanciful story, that his father had died in the forest, leaving him instructions to walk north until he found civilization, bamboozled police, press, and state authorities for ten months. Now however the authorities want to recoup the costs as he lived at the taxpayers expense for ten months at a cost of 30,000 Euro though is not to be found, perhaps he has returned to the forest!

German Transportation Alliance estimates fare dodging at 3.5%
An alliance of German Transport is asking for 120 Euro fines for repeat fare-dodgers as it estimates 250m Euro fares lost and 100m Euro required for prevention. They note that dodgers are working in teams using social media to share knowledge about inspectors movements.

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