Interesting story here on a Naval Officer who was jailed for a fraud which involved claiming school fees for children he was no longer the primary carer for.

The sum involved is not inconsiderable £53k. This could be seen as a 'technical' fraud, had he still been married to his wife he would have been entitled to make this claim. The fact they seperated meant that entitlement was no longer valid.

What really intrigues me though is that even after a jail sentence his employers are open to him returning to his post.

Rear Admiral Simon Lister, director of submarines, said he would support Gray remaining in the service.
In a letter read to the court, he said: "Such an outcome would have my unswerving and full support."
I am sure that is an unusual situation, and perhaps even justified in this case.

It does beg the question though, do people ever only commit one fraud? Or even more specific, do people only ever commit one fraud if they are caught and never commit any more?

Perhaps being caught once is enough to ensure a person never does it again. We all make mistakes.

Whats your view?

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