A good story here to show that fraudsters may not always be defrauding you of stuff to re-sell, sometimes they just want a good time on holiday, at your expense!

The eight Russians, who claimed to be the offspring of wealthy oligarchs, ploughed their way through around 90 bottles of Cristal Champagne worth 86,000 euros at Billionaire, a nightclub owned by the former Formula One impresario Flavio Briatore. 

A £75,000 bar bill is quite something. Thats the problem with fraudsters, they often look like your best customers, except of course they may not even drink the champagne they order, but why worry, they are not paying!

p.s They also don't care about high delivery charges, because they are not really paying!

Its also interesting that the victim was allegedly reluctant to bring in the police for fear of damage to their brand. Fraudsters really love that reluctance, its what lets them repeat fraud at the next port!

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