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Timebandits - Retail Employees who steal your time.

Another theft that needs to managed is that of time. Employees are there to do a job and complete their assigned tasks.

Time-theft may occur through friends clocking them in, using time to check social network sites or abusing smoking or lunch breaks.

There is a good summary of retail loss prevention technology here. Ultimately in retail time-theft leads to customer dissatisfaction in one form or the other.

Like most of fraud prevention, a lot of it is down to clear simple processes, staff awareness of expectations and measures that are recorded and reviewed. Some standard measures are here. Ensure your EPOS system collects data to be able to calculate Sales Per Employee and Average Sales per Transaction.

Nobody is effective 100% of the time but to avoid this fraud you may want to set standards based on your best staff which will highlight underperforming staff.

You should also also record positive behaviour such as up-selling items, like for example mobile phone top-ups, and negative behaiviour such as receiving complaints.

From a fraud perspective Refunds and Gift Voucher Sales per employee should also be measured.

See also losing your billable time.

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