As I often ask, don't fraudsters have any morals and the answer is of course, No!

One fraud that is dispicable, is fraudulent use of disabled parking.

Disabled drivers get a "blue badge" in the UK to allow them to park in disabled spaces and in some cases on single yellow lines. For genuine users this of course very important and a big part of their freedom and independence and there are 2.5m of them in the UK.

Of course for other drivers, driving is both frustrating and expensive. So anything that means not queuing for spaces or paying for spaces is attractive. This article says this fraud costs £46million per year. Again as usual fraud costs are not broken down, but it seems that it is relating to investigation and prosecution costs.

The blue-badge scheme is for review and it seems its required. Too easy to create fraudlent badges. In the age of ANPR everywhere from high-streets to petrol stations, a piece of cardboard doesn't cut it anymore.

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