Perphaps it would be nice if sport above all was free from fraud. But sadly that is not the case. Lessons here from alleged good old fashioned cheque book fraud, the alleged fraudster is accused of trying to scam three different golf clubs. Why golf clubs, well my guess would be that the items are valuable and easy to sell on the second hand market. If proven true it it shows that nothing fraudsters like more than a pattern. This pattern worked, then their basic instinct is to repeat it again and again until it stops working, or they are stopped.

Another fraud that sports are vulnerable to is a call from an agent representing a foreign player. They may be mis-representing a genuine sports agent and promising delivery of sport performance way above what the club would be used to. The problem comes of course when the club are asked to provide visa and insurance payments up-front via Western Union or other person to person transfers.

Finally if you ever wondered why a glass pint symbol appears when you watch SkySports in the pub, its there as an anti-fraud device, to show that the premises is a legitimate Sky commercial subscriber and not just paying for a personal fee and then making money by showing it in a public premises.

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