There is actually a food and drink plan for the next four years from DEFRA and some input from newly formed DIT. This includes an additional £215m of sales to Mexico.

DEFRA can offer support such as access to food and drink trade shows, in-store promotions, a chance to exhibit at trade shows and eCommerce relationships such as reduced fees on eCommerce marketplaces.

Of course, as the UK is in the EU, these additional sales for UK businesses will be conducted under the EU-Mexico trade deal. Plans for improving this are in place. Plans for UK-Mexico trade deal are secret / non-existent. 

EU and Mexico
The broad and comprehensive EU-Mexico Free Trade Agreement entered into force in October 2000 covers trade in goods and services. It also includes specific chapters on access to public procurement markets, competition, intellectual property rights and investment.
The agreement is overseen by a Joint Committee and Special Committees that meet once a year, and by a Joint Council that meets every two years at higher political level.
Mexico currently enjoys trade preferences with the EU under the Generalised Scheme of Preferences.

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