In case you missed it there is actually a food and drink plan for the next four years from DEFRA and some input from newly formed DIT. 

It has hardly made the press at all, but here is my analysis. 

Overall, although the exporting is great campaign got some bad press for exporting jam. The reality is that there is a lot of practical help that Government Departments like DEFRA can offer to any UK business in the food and drink sector that wants to export.

This can be export finance, reduced rates on large eCommerce exchanges or participation in trade missions and events.

This document lays out a funded plan for the next four years, so taxpayers money is being spent on this to support UK food and drink exports. 

Although some of this timescale may include BREXIT, this is not really covered as a risk or opportunity that much in this plan in my view.

Key Targets

So these are to create additional sales, in £M, over the next five years, to these nine markets. These are the target markets for food and drink exports.

So, the EU is still a major market with France and Germany alone targetted for additional sales of £742m. The Anglosphere (Australia,New Zealand, Canada and the USA) £872m. If you include Asia as China, India Japan that is a combined £939m.

To be 100% clear these are for additional sales to current, not total

The report talks a lot about the reputation of the food and drink industry in terms of standards and history, however, it doesn't see any brand damage to the British brand post BREXIT which we may or may not see. 


Food and Drink Regulation Impact. 

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