Blogging or Fashion Blogging is meant to be fun, it comes from a passion and if you express with knowledge and excitement  you can build up a large audience. 

Sadly many fashion and other bloggers then don't take advantage of that audience.

While you are promoting fashion brands, sadly they are not giving anything you in return. 

There are a few ways to earn from your blog. Here I will concentrate on Amazon Affiliates.

So we know you love Tommy Hilfiger and Gucci, but they don't offer a way to earn from you promoting them.

Amazon sells these brands and it has a great affiliate marketing scheme. You can add these items on to your website, or facebook page. When people click on the link they go to Amazon checkout and buy them, then you earn a commission. You even earn if they don't but the item straight away but come back later.

As your blog is probably specialised, you don't want all the millions of items for sale on Amazon coming showing to your customers. The affiliate program allows you to select the product categories or brands. So if you want a Gucci Womenswear Amazon shop on your blog, then that is quite possible and easy to do. 

Indeed you are going to think

There are a number of ways to integrate Amazon Affiliate

1. If you do not get much traffic or would like to support a charity, its possible to use the charity's affiliate link so that any commission goes to them.

2.  If would like a store and the extra traffic that it would generate but don't want to pay any upfront fees, then I can help, we will integrate our affiliate link at zero cost to you but you would not earn any commissions. 

3. If you would like to earn commission and have the traffic to generate it, then I can run the project to hire the relevant people to get the Amazon store integrated into your existing website. I can manage this end-to-end from registration to delivery, testing and sign-off. Prices are really flexible on your budget but from £50. 

Once you have your affiliate store setup, then you need to change your blogging behaviour, so if you do a review, make sure you link to the item on your Amazon affiliate link. If you do an article then choose some examples from Amazon. 

In addition, you can add some advertisements which can be focused on your area of expertise.

I suggest that you are honest to your readers and let them know if you are using affiliate links. They can tell pretty easily anyway so hiding it is pointless. 

So there is really no excuse not to be selling on your blog. It is quick and easy so get in contact.

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