ASOS Marketplace is on the side of ASOS main site. It allows small boutiques to sell to those early twenties customers that flock to ASOS.. 

ASOS is an award winning huge site targeting young fashion. If you are an independent boutique then they could allow you to sell on their site via their marketplace.

The basic offer is:

  • A boutique costs £20 per month and, when you make a sale, you'll pay 20% commission
  • Vintage boutiques must stock a minimum of 20 styles at all times
  • Indie and Multi-Brand boutiques must stock 10-15 styles at all times
  • Your product images must be up to standard before you open your boutique. 
The photo guide stresses that you must show a model wearing the clothes.

The store requires little investment, but ASOS strictly enforce the photo guide, so you will need to invest in models and perhaps a photographer to get decent photos. Of course this is all to help you improve your sales. Seem my blog on photo and video costs.

Although mostly apparel they do allow some accessories. 

I am Mark Mandel, if you need help getting online get in contact. Mark_A_Mandel