Here is my idea for improving e-commerce online web and mobile shopping experiences.

Subscription Manager

More and more products are being turned from one-off purchases into weekly or monthly online subscription services.

Everything from shaving supplies, shoes, groceries, wine and even snacks can be purchased via subscription now.

Of course this is a great model for merchants, there is nothing they want more than guaranteed for sales next month!

But for consumers after a few subscriptions then this can become burdensome when they want to amend or pause subscriptions, when circumstances change such as: going on holiday, income reduces or priorities change, then they have to log onto multiple sites.

So I propose a independent Subscription Manager

It would be a merchant independent service where consumers can manage all their subscriptions in one place. With one click they could pause or cancel all subscriptions.

They could start or trial new ones.

They could set a budget for all subscriptions and then see how that budget could be managed across all subscriptions.

Would a Subscription Manager make you more likely to take out online subscriptions?


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