This is a new use for an old BP petrol station near Camden, London UK.

I won't post a picture of a BP station, because you probably know what this looks like, but interesting to compare this to new marketing from BraveNewVentures and how they transformed an old style petrol station with large corporate branding to new use. From what I can see they run immersion experiences, where you buy "mission tickets" are are going to be evacuated or other adventure.
TwitPic @siobhangee

Instead of the standard green of BP, they just use grey with a hashtag and a name, assuming their audience will know what that means. They do include a white on green BNV square logo on top of the roof.

On the glass this is not replicated but there is a circle logo with BNV which also appears in other places. Where the pumps were are now some kiosks.

Overall its different, but I am not sure it convinces me of the of impending Apocalypse!

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