Jamican based scammers increase  lottery fraud in USA spreads despite crackdown.
Complaints from American citizens about Jamaican lottery fraud soared from 1,867 in 2007 to about 30,000 last year, and most incidents go unreported out of fear or embarrassment, according to the U.S. Federal Trade Commission.

I like this summary, the older generation put trust in "authenticated" letters, seals and documents. Fraudsters also know the words play on the emotions of lonely people. That is the scammers job, to find what you are looking for and to pretend to deliver it.

This elderly lady would wire money to people up to three times a day. Again its so easy in hindsight and to say that I would never be caught, but fraudsters are waiting for the right opportunity.

When you win for some people its not enough!

Michigan lottery winner food stamp fraud and winner of $1000 a week for life in benefit claims fraud.

A lottery winner who bought and gave away a second winning ticket and then the curse of winningA guy who won millions but regrets it. There is also this from the UK on girl who won £2m at 16 years old and has £40k at 25 years old.

I guess part of this is due to the American system that does not allow winners anonymity. If I win, you wont see me for dust and wont see me on TV collecting my check!

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