Action Fraud have put together an A-Z of fraud, which makes interesting reading.

A couple I had not heard of included:

Tabnapping which uses new tab functionality in browsers to present fake bank details.

Office Supply Scams where expensive goods are pushed onto businesses on the basis that someone else in the business agreed to buy them.

And Mandate Fraud where the funds leave the victim, person or business, via a direct debit mandate. The business or person may be contacted by a clone of a supplier with a change of bank account details asking to change bank payment details and then pocketing any further payments.

Finally there is Fraud Recovery Fraud where fraud victims are taken for a second time, where a fraudulent supplier of services will offer help to a fraud victim, offering the possibility of recovering funds, but then charge the victim various fees for services that will not delivery anything. It seems particularly cruel to target victims, but if you are fraudster then they are an easy target. 

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