When Fraud Costs a whole business to fail with 35 jobs lost

A sad story here for a small business where a fraud of £400k cost an entire business to fail with the loss of 35 jobs.

'It started with her taking £2,000 to pay bills. She thought nobody would notice and she would return the money before anyone did.'
But, he said, when she realised how easy it was, it became a 'spiral effect'.
He said: 'Smaller amounts turned into much larger amounts.

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Notice that for the first fraud, her intention was to return the money. Now is that something that her lawyer is saying to plead her case? It may well be true, but when she did not return the money and she found no immediate consequence of taking it, then there was only one path that this would take, she repeated the pattern for larger and larger amounts until she was caught. As this fraud was against the solicitors firms clients trust accounts, then it suffered the ultimate loss of trust and therefore had to close. £250k was recovered.

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