How the internet changed Fraud in Dating

Love and money have always mixed and grifters used love as bait but what is different in the internet age is that scammers on dating sites don't actually need to come face to face with their victims. 

This survey indicates the UK has more than 200k victims of fraud through dating sites, with victims losing £5k to £200k per incident. 

Consumers using data sites, may well think of personal safety when attending dates but should also think about what the site is doing to valdiate that the people on the site are who they say the are and are where they say they are.

Many anti fraud technologies are available for dating sites like ThreatMetrix using IP and other checks which keeps scammers off sites. So if you need to use internet dating sites, check which protection the site will offer you as a consumer. Sadly they quote an example of a Widow losing $500k to a fake "General".

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