Some good stories here from retailer loss experiences.

It boils down to the major risk for retailers - goods or cash (including electronic cash).

If you don't have an idea where to start with fraud prevention, then this is a good place, the two key risks to your business are goods and cash.

For both of them, to quickly look at the risks to these in your business, then look at the processes on how both of these, come in to your business and how they go out of your business.

Like the story below, the returns process in the shop allowed a member of staff to send the goods to their own address. Look at each process where goods go out of your business and see if it opens an opportunity for staff to exploit a weakness. What would prevent such a scam in your retail business today?

"Don't need any advice as I no longer have a shop but just thought I would relate one of my favourite staff swindles that went on in a store that I once worked in.

I worked for ASDA on Non Foods , well over 30 years ago .
You can judge how long ago because not only did the store close on Sundays but we were also closed to the public on a Monday too !
Seems incredible now !

Monday was used for price changing ( peeling off old tickets and re-pricing each item ! ) and re-merchandising the shelves .

On the clothing section , Monday was also spent returning faulty goods to manufacturers and one of the supervisors would parcel up clothes and trot over to the Post Office to send them back .

Another member of staff realised that a suit that she had seen hanging up on a rail in the morning wasn't there on the Monday afternoon , so an investigation began as there were no members of the public to blame for the disappearance .

Turns out that the supervisor responsible for faulty returns was taking garments that she fancied off the shelf , parceled them up , wrote her own name on the parcel and Royal Mail delivered them to her home address .
Absolutely brilliant ! Not only did ASDA provide her clothes for free , they also paid the postage !!"

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